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Aktuelle Projekte und Neuigkeiten

News and project updates

Autumn News from Lucky Beans

Despite not being based in South Africa, Lucky Beans e.V. has been active in three small projects this year, which all quietly make a difference in the lives of many under-privileged children. We should never assume we cannot make a difference when we are not local. The "privilege" of being based in Germany, offers us the opportunity to do far more than we can even begin to realise, especially since the SA Rand is so weak right now - our euros go very far.

Now for an update on what we have been involved in....

Angel Ruth’s Soup Kitchen and Music Voyage

At the end of July I was fortunate enough to return to South Africa with Anton, our son, for three weeks.

Amongst seeing family, and teaching a yoga retreat, I also got to catch up with Nokuthula in Lidgetton at Angel Ruth's Soup Kitchen, which is running well now. She is happy with the set-up and has found a good rhythm with the children.

While I was visiting her, I also got to meet with Katherine and Vanessa from Music Voyage. We planned a music workshop for teachers in the Lidgetton area with one of their musicians, Justus, who is a drummer. The workshop, sponsored by Lucky Beans, took place on 20th September at Angel Ruth’s Soup Kitchen, with 10 teaches present. It was a great success. All the teachers were taught basic music skills which they can easily integrate into their classrooms or groups of children with whom they are working.

Thank you Music Voyage and Justus for sharing your amazing skills and passion.

Music is an integral part of these communities, so our intention was to offer a free workshop where the teachers, who are very influential in moulding the lives of the next generation, can offer some musical input for the children to learn through music, play and movement.

Nokuthula will now be able to use her training with the children who come to the soup kitchen.

Our Aims for 2018/2019:

Lucky Beans is looking for a small sponsorship to support Nokuthula in her teaching development. We would like to increase her salary by an extra €250 per year.

Music Voyage are looking for a sponsorship for a very talented young musician, Aphile. Please see next Blog entry.

Music Voyage would also like to set-up a new Marimba band - they are looking for sponsorship for the marimbas.

Action in Autism (AIA) - http://www.actioninautism.org.za

At the end of our trip, we were fortunate enough to visit Action in Autism in Durban, a local run school for children with Autism, headed by a friend, Kirsty Miller.

My parents and Anton came with me - we were all very touched by this experience.

Why? Because they are a truly dedicated group of teachers and carers who are so committed to supporting these children on their life path and helping them to integrate as much as possible into life.

This school operates on a first-come-first-serve basis - this means any child can be accepted no matter what their financial situation. As a result they have many cases where the parents don’t have adequate financial means to pay the full amount for the school fees. AIA are looking for sponsors for specific children in their program - Sponsor-a-child program.

On this trip we were able to fund a Sponsored event for the mothers of the children, as well as the music for the opening of their new school and hall.

Our Aim for 2019: Lucky Beans aims to support AIA children on a more regular basis when funds permit.

If you are interested in the Sponsor-a-child program, please feel free to contact us. We have the details of the children who need funding, then we can inform you of the amount(s).

Beautiful handmade Cards to buy from us - for Christmas or other occasions

Pia Perren, from Kartenpoint, very kindly donated some beautiful cards, which we will sell on a donation basis to raise funds for Lucky Beans e.V.

You pay the price of the value you place on the card(s).

If you would like to purchase cards, they are on view in our praxis or look at Pia’s website to view the cards. http://www.kartenpoint.ch

Please contact us for purchasing our cards, not Pia.

If you wish to make a non-specific donation for any of our projects, please make a payment directly to our Lucky Beans bank account.

Triodos Bank N.V. Deutschland

IBAN: DE 5050031000 1032803004


Thank you to all those who are in some way involved in supporting our projects. We are always open to new members and new ideas.

Warm wishes,


Aphile and her remarkable music journey

Music Voyage contacted us about reaching out for sponsorship for this remarkable young girl....

"Aphile is a 12 year old girl living in an informal settlement in Lidgetton. She lives with her mother, grandmother and various children for which they are responsible. Her current circumstances mean a poor education and an extremely impoverished lifestyle.

Aphile started attending Church at a parish outside the settlement in which they offered Sunday School and Choir singing to local children. One of our Music Voyage teachers who is also a member of the parish, started to teach her and a few other children to play the recorder. She immediately noticed Aphile’s natural musical talent.

In the past 3 years, Aphile has proved herself to be diligent and committed and she makes a huge effort to attend her lessons each week. We have assisted Aphile in entering into Eisteddfods in Pietermaritzburg, the most recent of which, she received a gold certificate and was invited to play in the best of the Eisteddfod concert. This was a huge achievement for her as she was able to play alongside children from very different economic backgrounds from her own. Subsequent to the Eisteddfod we entered Aphile into the Trinity College London music exam, which she passed with distinction. She is so proud of this and so are we.

We have realised that Aphile needs to be supported in her music. We took a chance and applied to a neighbouring Choir school, Drakondale, for a bursary for Aphile. After numerous tests and auditions, she was accepted and granted a 50% scholarship! This school would not only take Aphile on the musical journey of her dreams, but also provide her with a solid education. It is also a boarding school which would provide meals, comfortable sleeping arrangements and hygiene, all of which she is not accustomed to in her present situation.

Aphile is a student who shows tremendous musical talent and there is no limit to her capability. We trust that we will help Aphile to realise her dreams and secure her musical and academic future".


Would you be inspired to support Aphile on something much more than just her music journey?

This is an opportunity for her to receive a remarkable education and excel in her passion for music.

Her fees for Drakondale are: €3233/year (pending on the present exchange rate). If 20 people support her, this would be €161 each per year. Her education is 5 years. This is an investment, not in something but in someone.

As we draw nearer to Christmas, please give this some thought - it is so easy to give money away at Christmas, for things that we probably don't always really need. This is an opportunity to give to a child who can live out a dream.

In Gratitude,


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